When there’s unknown magic around, you better get all the magical help you can get.  |  Regina  |  Maleficent  |  Emma 

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Okay…now I’m ready for this season.

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When did Cyn and Erica break up? Now she is engaged to Bow Wow/ What the hell did I miss?

I need you to help me.”


cabenson + text posts

The only text post I care about.


she is my everything

Law and Order SVU

Someone explain to me the whole #savebabybenson thing. Is Olivia’s baby already getting kidnap this Wednesday?


borrowing the wise words of one gay Quinn Fabray “God bless the perv that invented these. “


Mentally preparing myself to see Heather rap again. 

I loved Cory, Harry, and Matt in this.


They look good.


They look good.

Going back and watching previous seasons of Glee reminded me that I don’t like or care for Kurt. I really don’t like the kid and never did. I didn’t care about his coming out story or him getting bullied and leaving school. I didn’t care about him getting his ass beat last season. None of it touched me or made me feel bad for him. Something about him annoys the hell out of me. I just don’t give a shit what happens with him. I only care about what happens to six people on this show.